Meet the new fashionista!
We got a fun idea that we want to try…
Meet the new fashionista, goSpecials!

This fashionista is currently hosting their first auctions on some of the most wanted items and super fun finds that are collectable pieces, so make sure to go and check out their auctions.

We think this is a fun way for you to get a hold of more items for your collection.

These items are NOT locked, they might come to the shop, or they might be used in VIP/promos. Please understand that they are not locked in any way unless otherwise is stated.

Update 17th of April
“Please note that these items will never come to the shop,
but may be used in promos or as VIP perks.”

22nd of February

6th of March

22nd of March

16th of April

6th of May

25th of June
These items are permanently locked!

25th of October
These items are permanently locked!

28th of November
These items are permanently locked!