Pack your bags, we’re going on a Summer holiday! Summer Party Tour is BACK! Do not forget to pick your daily refreshment for a thrilling chance to get one of the fantastic prizes – we are talking about amazing JD items, goMoney, Fame, VIP days, diamonds or greetings. Each day you will get a chance to get one of these fabulous prizes when you select your daily refreshment. Please note that you’re only allowed to claim a refreshment on your main and one alt account.

Every week you will get a chance to collect a new outfit made by our JDs specifially for our Summer Party Tour. Each outfit will be like a postcard from the places we visit, inspired by the places we are visiting. If you collect all the outfits you will receive a Bonus outfit, pretty rad right? To snag these fabulous Bonus outfits, you will have to purchase an item from our shop or be gifted one. Please note that the items acquired via auctions or trading do not count. Also, make sure you do not miss out on any items, because missing even one means no Bonus Outfit. So, set that daily reminder, log in, and get your shop on!
Repeat purchases will not multiply your Bonus items, and if you have multiple accounts, you can only claim an additional bonus outfit on one of your alt accounts. So, choose wisely and get ready to rock the Summer Party Tour look!