New shop update!

Hello my lovelies, 

New shop update is here.  This time it is all about the winter coats, chunky boots, keeping warm and cozy while looking stylish. 

I included some true vintage gems as well as some vintage JD items so that we make sure that is something for everyone.  While we are still in the process of bringing back the old beloved vintage items we want to make sure that we bring most of the items back so that everyone has a chance to fullfill their dream of owning their favorite vintage items. So please bear with it, even if not every item is your cup of tea there might be someone who really wanted that particular item and I hope everyone finds something they like and want to add to their wardrobe. 

The issue with some items appearing as out of stock is still there but as I mentioned last week, you can still purchase them, just make sure to place it on the model and purchase it with the rest of the items. Some items that are only black, silver or white come only in that color since the color can’t be added to them even though it looks like it is possible to choose other colors.

The JD items will stay until the end of the month and the GSM items will stay in the shop for a limited period. Make sure to check the shop for the Last Chance notification so you don’t miss out on adding the items to your collection.

Regarding the shop updates, you can expect that there is going to be at least one shop update every week.  There is no need to stay up waiting for the shop update to happen since the items that make it to the shop are not limited quanitities. Everyone gets a chance to add the items to their wardrobe while the items are in the shop. There is always going to be an infobox informing you about the new shop update so that everyone is in the loop.

I have to say that some of my all time favorite coats are in this update so I can’t wait to see how you style them. 



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