New shop update

Hi my lovelies, 

New items are in the shop.  This time we brought back magical inspired items from our archive given that yesterday was Friday the 13th.  It felt like a right time for some magical time. There are many different items for every magic enthusiast around here.

We can see that these items have caused a lot of controversy on the page and we are very sorry to see that. Us having these items back in the shop was never supposed to mean that we support JKRs views. Every true goSupermodel user from back in the days and now knows that we have always and always will be an inclusive and safe space for everyone. These items shouldn’t be taken any other way than what they are, items that marked a time in goSupermodel history. They represent magic and nothing else. Putting them in the shop we were just living up to our promise that we would be bringing back all the items from the archives. That was the only goal here. Please there is no reason to make these items into something they are not.

Please remember to be respectful of one another and keep goSupermodel a safe space that it has always been. There is no need to use harmful beliefs of one person that is in no way connected to goSupermodel to make this community into something it is not.

Thank you! 



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